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4 wheel container recognition, Auto Gather, Single Button Tip and Intelligent Speed Selection all comes as standard with the OmniTRADE commercial bin lift to provide you with a superbly engineered, fully featured and flexible bin lift system geared towards efficiency and safety.


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Available as a one piece lift with its own integral frame or as a two piece bin lift system for mounting onto a suitable frame the OmniTRADE gives you mounting flexibility, width options are available too from 2.2m to 2.5m wide.
The OmniTRADE’s unique, patented hydraulic system ensures a smooth, controlled lifting whilst its minimal overhang and Centre of Gravity projection help minimise rear axle overloading.


  • 2-wheel containers 6 - 7 sec. 4-wheeled 10-12 sec
  • Handling Capacity: 170kg (2 wheel) / 750kg (wheel)
  • Noise Level: < 65dB(A)
  • Mounting Method: Terberg Frame
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Weight: 690 kg
  • Hydraulic Requirements: Ideal 40 l/min., maximum 60 l/min., 180 bar
  • Auto-Gather: Option
  • Diagnostic Display: No

Hand loading of bulky items is a breeze too, as the full width hopper plate lowers with minimal effort, covering the bin lift comb to provide genuine ‘open back’ hand loading.
Maintenance and whole life costs are kept to a minimum through the use of ultrasonic sensors, low maintenance bearings and stainless steel axles.

The OmniTRADE is ideal for commercial charge by weight operations and is designed to integrate perfectly with our Dynamic Weighing and RFiD systems.
Accurate, repeatable and certified results are acheived easily thanks to OmniTRADE's smooth lift operation that minimises ‘bin bounce’ whilst the vertical initial lift provides a great 'weighing window’ for ease of data recording.

OmniGV Bin Lift System
  • Unique geometery gives a 55° tipping angle with no 'kick out' of the container towards the operator when lifting cycle starts
  • Flexible lower part of the binlift chair, supports the lower part of the container, dampens movement, reduces possible damage to container and binlift chair
  • Short rear overhang keeps rear axle loading as low as possible
  • Multifunctional bin-lift system to handle a wide variety of container sizes/ types without adjustment
  • Full width folding hopper plate gives a low entry height, ideal for hand loading of bulky waste
  • Master/slave hydraulic system means that the bin lift comb is level every single time


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